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Submissions will reopen on August 01 2023

Send your submissions to:

Please do not send a biography at the moment. We will request one should your piece be selected for the issue.

The theme for Issue 03 is 


Theme & Content

  • Submissions can be about anything related to the theme. If you don't think it will be apparent at first how your piece relates to the theme, feel free to explain it in the body of your submission e-mail.

  • Your submission will automatically not be accepted if it promotes any form of hatefulness. If your submission discusses forms of hatefulness without promoting it, that is more than okay.

  • If your submission contains content warnings/trigger warnings, please include them in your submission (in italics under the title if possible). Explicit content is not an issue so long as it has a purpose.


  • Please submit a maximum of two poems in the same document

  • .doc or .docx files only, preferably titled like so: [TITLE OF WORK/S] - [MEDIUM]

  • If your poems have specific formatting, please also send a PDF version 

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction 

  • Please submit a maximum of one piece of fiction/creative non-fiction

  • Up to 2,000 words

  • .doc or .docx files only, preferably titled like so: [TITLE OF WORK/S] - [MEDIUM]



  • If you would like to include a commentary on your piece, we'd love that! We accept commentaries up to 500 words 

  • PNG or JPEG files​

Other Things to Note:

  • At no point will you be charged a submission fee.

  • Successful submissions are unfortunately not yet compensated.

  • Written submissions must be in English or translated into English before submission, please.

  • We do not accept work that has already been traditionally published, self-published, or published in another lit mag before. We want to see work that needs a home rather than work that already has one.

  • We welcome multiple submissions in different mediums, but (in the case that your submission is successful) only one piece will be accepted.

  • We also welcome simultaneous submissions. But if one or all of your pieces get accepted elsewhere, please send us an e-mail to withdraw your submission.

  • If you would like a little feedback when you receive a response, please let us know in the body of your e-mail.


If you have any questions, please feel free to DM us on Twitter or Instagam. Alternatively, send us an e-mail. Make sure to check our Q&A page to see if your question has already been answered.

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